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XVIIth Century Architecture

The Hotel Hacienda Cocoyoc is a beautiful architectural complex built during the XVIIth Century with activities for rest and to enjoy a healthy entertainment for the entire family. At Hacienda Cocoyoc you will always find an option to relax. “The Paradise of America”: warm climate, exceptional gardens, fountains and pathways. It is a place you will love to visit.

At a height of 1,400 meters above sea level and a mean yearly temperature of 27°C, with clean and clear breezes that blow from nearby volcanoes, we have the best conditions to ensure rest and outdoor recreation. This turns it into a very appealing destination. This turns it into a very appealing destination.

Hacienda Cocoyoc - Colony
Hacienda Cocoyoc Chapel

Historical legacy

Place of Coyotes

Cocoyoc, that in Nahuatl means place of coyotes, was part of the extensive territory given to Hernan Cortes after the Conquest of Mexico in 1521.

The Hacienda Cocoyoc belonged to several owners and during the XVIIIth century it was one of the twelve most important sugar cane mills in the country.

In the early XIXth century its importance grew with the building of a aqueduct to carry water from nearby sources for irrigation, which is still functional.

With the Mexican Revolution, just like many haciendas in the country, it was pillaged, so that a large portion of the construction was left destroyed and the lands were given away.

In 1957, Don Paulino Rivera Torres bought the Hacienda Cocoyoc and realized his dream of turning it into a hacienda hotel. It still maintains its imposing structure and a cozy spirit that make it an oasis for resting and an excellent option for families, work groups, corporations and social, sporting and cultural events.