Privacy Notice

Privacy notice for the protection of personal data

Compañía Hotelera de Cocoyoc, S. A. (Hereafter HACIENDA COCOYOC HOTEL), located at the Federal Highway Cuernavaca-Cuautla kilometer 32.5 62736, Morelos, Mexico; is committed and assumes the responsibility of the protection of your personal data. Our commitment is to protect any personal information that you provide for us and to make every reasonable effort to use it in the way established on this Notice.

Regarding pre privacy issue and in compliance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals and so as to ensure the protection and privacy of the personal data, as well as to control the access, amendment, cancellation and opposition of their handling.

Legal basis: Articles 16, 21 and 79 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and 1, 2 and 10 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals, therefore our institution makes available this Privacy Notice to you, which, as a user, you must know for the handling of the information that is required of you.

You can contact us by telephone, e-mail, or in person at our Intelligence and Data Base Office; you can address this during working days and hours at the address specified above, at the e-mail avisosdeprivacidad@lomasdecocoyoc.com, as well as at the telephone number: (735) 35-6-22-11.

Scope of this Notice

The scope of this Privacy Notice is to inform you about the privacy practices in the use of the data handed in to our company at the offices and Points of Data Collection gathered by our staff, representatives, advisors and at our web page under the domain http://es.hcocoyoc.com/

This privacy notice applies for the execution of all those services that this entity offers, therefore, the information that we handle will be treated only and exclusively for the services specified with the commitment that said information shall be safeguarded to guarantee its confidentiality.


Pursuant what is stipulated in the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals, in this notice the following definitions apply:

•Personal data: it refers to any information regarding any legal entity or private individual, the person responsible for gathering the data is the Client Service Area and the Project Administrators.
• Sensitive Personal Data: those personal data that affect the most intimate sphere of the holder (guest), or that could originate discrimination or lead to a serious risk for the owner in case of improper use of the data. In particular, the data that are considered sensitive are those that may reveal such aspects as racial or ethnic origin, present and future state of health, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union membership, political opinions, sexual preferences.
• ARCO rights: Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition stated in the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals.
• Law: Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals.
• Responsible: Compañía Hotelera Cocoyoc S.A. de C.V., which handles your personal data.
• Holder: The private individual or legal entity to whom the personal data correspond.
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Personal data that may be collected

When hiring any of the services provided by the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC, you accept that the data about our users shall be gathered enunciatively, although not limiting, and include information such as:

The full name of the person, company or entity interested in our services, address, as well as telephone numbers, for landlines or cellphones, e-mail addresses, main focus of the activities realized, social purpose of the company or entity, family situation, as well as level of education, occupation, date and place of birth, nationality and passport and visa information. In case of requesting an electronic invoice, data such as your Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), Unique Population Registry Key (CURP), tax residence, e-mail address and other necessary data.

Complementary data of the user or interested party: for the process of identifying your needs and be able to offer diverse services, in addition to the previous mentioned data we may also ask for information that allows us to evaluate the different needs of the users or interested parties, such as:

Information about the client’s stay, which includes hotels where he’s been lodged, date of arrival and departure, acquired products and services, special requests made, observations about their preferences of service (which includes preferences of rooms and vacations), telephone numbers that were dialed, and fax and voice messages received;
Details about the credit card, information about the associate of the frequent client program of the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC, details about the online user account, details about the profile or password, and affiliation to any program of frequent flyer or travel partner;
• Any information necessary to satisfy special requests (for example, health afflictions that require specific arrangements, acquisition of products and services);
• Information that you offer about your preferences of marketing or during the course of your participation in surveys, contests or promotional offers;
• Information gathered by means of the use of CCTV (closed circuit TV) systems, key card and other security systems;
• Contact details and other relevant data related to employees of corporate accounts, and suppliers and other individuals with which we keep commercial relationships (for instance, travelling agents, event and reunion planners); and
•In limited cases, information related to the clients’ credit.

Most of the personal information that we process is information that you or someone who represents you provides for us with full knowledge. However, in some cases, we process personal information that we can deduce about you according to the other information that you provide for us or based on our interactions with you, or personal information about you that we received from third parties.

Purposes of the treatment of your personal data

The personal data mentioned in the previous section shall be used as part of the history of the holders, users and/or interested persons as contact information to locate them in case additional services are required.

The personal data will also be used to:

Provide and charge the stay at the hotel, and other products and services that you acquire;
Give you a more personalized and superior level of service;
· Administrate the frequent client program of the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC;
• Fulfill our contractual obligations to you, those involved in the process of organizing your trip (for example, travel agents, group travel planners or your employer) and suppliers (for instance, credit card issuing companies, airline operators and other loyalty programs);
• Execute market studies, quality control and client satisfaction surveys, direct commercialization and sales promotions;
Answer requests for information and services;
· Cover the needs of security and the protection of staff, clients or other visitors;
· Manage the general handling of documents;
· Fulfill legal and regulatory requirements; and
· Process credit requests (in the context of the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC).
· Process the requests made by any entity that directly or indirectly implies the provision of the services provided by the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC, as well as the evaluation of the provision of the same.

All personal data that the holder enters or willingly provides to the responsible person, by any means, shall be held to the internal policies of security and privacy.

Regarding the information obtained through the web page of the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC or the access whether through computers, laptops, mobile devices among others; we inform that we use common internet technologies, such as cookies and beacons to guarantee the integrity of our web site and to customize parts of our page for you, which are automatically generated once a connection to the site is established.

If you’re not comfortable with the collection of said information through the use of the cookies and beacons, we advise you to disable these functions in your internet browser settings and preferences, but please keep in mind that this will limit the performance and functionality of our internet sites previously mentioned, the documentation of our browser should provide the specific procedures to disable the aid of cookies and beacons.

Transfer of personal data

The HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC does not divulge or share the information it safeguards and the identifiable personal information will not be leased or sold to any third party.

In compliance with the Law, personal information may be divulged to third parties without your consent in the following cases: to comply with any law, regulation or court order, to collaborate with the federal or state authorities in matter of criminal investigation, social security or for the compliance of payment of contributions, or else, to enforce or protect the rights of the person responsible.

In the given case that personal data were transferred to third parties with the purpose of carrying out the services from the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC or any of its subsidiaries, confidentiality agreements shall be entered previously, provided the supplier or person to whom the data are transferred accepts to subject the treatment of your personal data to this privacy notice and, it does not involve any of the scenarios established in the article 37 of the Law. If you do not make your opposition manifest about your personal data being transferred to third parties, it will be understood that you have granted your consent for it.

Rights of the personal data holders

Any holder or, given the case, his legal representative could exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, and we will provide the means that will allow them a timely exercise of their rights.

The exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation of use or the revocation of consent, may be requested in writing at our offices located on the Federal Highway Cuernavaca-Cuautla kilometer 32.5 62736, Morelos, Mexico. The revocation of consent may be carried out at any time, without retroactive effects.

To begin the process of revocation, you will have to indicate precisely the consent that you wish to revoke in writing or via e-mail at avisosdeprivacidad@lomasdecocoyoc.com. The request, in writing and/o electronic, for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, must contain and pair with the following:

1. Full name and address or another means to communicate to you the answer to your request.
2. The documents that credit the identity or, as the case may be, the legal representation of whoever promotes in representation of someone else.
3. The clear and precise description of the personal data about which any of the aforementioned rights are sought to be exercised, and
4. Any other element or document that facilitates the localization of personal data.

In the case of the rectification requests, the holder will have to indicate the modifications to be made and to hand over the documentation that supports your request.

During a period of twenty (20) working days from the date when the request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition was received, the determination taken will be notified so that, if applicable, it is de effective within the following fifteen (15) days after the date when the answer was communicated. Regarding requests of access to personal data, the delivery will follow, with the previous accreditation of the requestor’s identity or legal representative, as the case may be. The aforementioned periods can be extended one single time for an equal period of time; as long as the circumstances of the case so justify it.

The obligation of access to the information shall be considered as fulfilled once they are made available to the holder of the personal data; or else, by means of the expedition of simple copies, electronic documents or any other means that we provide the person who’s interested.

In the given case that the holder requests the access to the data to a person who presumes to be the responsible party and this person happens to not be so, it will be enough to indicate so to the holder by any printed means (letter of non-proceeding) or electronic means (e-mail, optic means, etc.) to consider the request as fulfilled.

The access, rectification, cancellation or grant of the opposition to the handling of personal data may be denied in any of the following cases:

• When the requestor is not the holder of the personal data, or the legal representative is not appropriately accredited for it.
When the personal data of the requestor are not found in the data base.
When the rights of a third party are injured.
• When a legal impediment exists, or the resolution of a competent authority that restricts the access to the personal data or that does not allow the rectification, cancellation or opposition of them.
· When the rectification, cancellation or opposition has been previously realized.

The use of the personal data and sensitive personal data according to the express petition of the holder shall be limited, and the personal data don’t have to be cancelled when:

The data pertains to the parties of a private, social or administrative contract, and they are necessary for its development and fulfillment.
· They have to be treated by legal disposition.
· They obstruct administrative or legal actions linked to tax obligations, the investigation and prosecution of crimes, or the update of administrative sanctions.
· They are necessary to protect the holder’s interests within the legitimate purview.
They are necessary to realize an action according to the public interest.
· They are necessary to fulfill a legally acquired obligation by the holder,
· They are the object of treatment for the medical diagnosis or prevention or the management of health services, as long as said treatment is carried out by a health professional subjected to a secret duty.

Terms and Conditions

The temporality of the handling of your Personal Data shall be undefined, starting from the date when they are provided to us, thus possibly opposing the handling at any moment that is considered timely, within the limitations of the Law; in the given case that your request is applicable, the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC will cease to handle your Personal Data without any responsibility on our part.

The area of the HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC responsible for handling your Personal Data is bound to follow the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, finality, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility stated in the Law; for that reason, based on the articles 13 and 14 of the Law, said area committed to keep your personal data in strict confidentiality, as well as to protect them against any harm, loss, alteration, access or unauthorized treatment.

If the holder provides us with his personal data it means he has read, understood and accepted the previously exposed terms.

The HOTEL HACIENDA COCOYOC will occasionally update and modify this Privacy Notice, therefore, we request that you review this notice regularly on the internet page: http://es.hcocoyoc.com/

Modifications to this Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to periodically modify this Privacy Notice. If the holder provides us with his personal data it means he has read, understood and accepted the previously exposed terms.

This Privacy Notice was last modified in September, 2018.