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By renting 10 or more standard rooms you can hire a package!

They include the stay for a night in a standard rom, two coffee break services, use of the events hall, salon or auditory and three meals (breakfast, dinners and supper).

Cocoyoc Package


Menu for the day.

For 40 persons or more the service is buffet style.

  • Once guest per standard room: $2,042.00 MXN
  • Two guests per standard room: $1,460.50 MXN per person


*Taxes included.

Menu for the day

Meals Suppers
Monday Spring roll
Cucumber cream soup
BBQ pork ribs
Walnut charlotte
Spinach salad with tofu
Fish fillet filled with surimi au white wine
Fruit cobbler
Tuesday Fettuccine primavera
Vegetable peasant soup
Roast meat
Napolitano flan
Poblano pepper cream soup
Chicken breast with thyme
Lime cake with cheese
Wednesday Hacienda crepe
Macaroni and spinach soup
Pork tenderloin au chipotle pepper
Sacher torte
Coriander cream soup
Roman-style fish fillet
Caramel flan
Thursday Fusilli salad
Nopal with wheat soup
Chicken breast with cheese and mushroom sauce
Passion fruit mousse
Tomato cream soup
Napolitano rolls
Orange cake
Friday Half Talavera salad
Florentine cream soup
Pork tenderloin with plum
Strawberry cake
Napolitano spaghetti
Fish fillet Meniere
Lime ice cream
Saturday Fettuccine arrabiata
Onion soup
Chicken breast aux fine herbs
Pecan cake
Lettuce cream soup
Marsala escalope
Cajeta flan
Sunday “Chispa” salad
Noodle soup
Fish with mango sauce
Viennese cake
Italian-style ravioli
Pork tenderloin au guajillo pepper
Crepes Suzette


Cocoyoc Plus Package


Executive menu

For 40 persons or more the service is buffet style.

  • One guestper standard room: $2,334.00 MXN
  • Two guestsper standard room: $1,752.50 MXN per person.


*Taxes included.

Executive menu

Maximum 100 persons

Hacienda salad
Coriander cream soup
Shrimp and vegetables crepes
Guava cheesecake
Prawn gratin
Almond cream soup
Pork tenderloin medallions a l’orange
Spinach cream
Mushroom soup
Chicken breast with poblano sauce
Cajeta gelatin with rompope
Hacienda salad
Celery and walnut cream soup
Chicken breast filled with cheese in tamarind sauce
Napolitano flan
Tomato and goat cheese salad
Tomato cream soup au tarragon
Salmon au champagne
Crepes Suzette
Nopal salad
Poblano pepper cream soup
Roast meat Cocoyoc
Guanabana ice cream
Crepes Hacienda
Pasilla pepper cream soup
Beef jerky
Passion fruit ice cream
Poblano pepper cream soup
“Chispa” salad
Beef fillet tournedos
Sacher torte
Hacienda crepes
Florentine cream soup
Fish filled with mushrooms in a mango sauce
Orange cake
Salmon voulavent
Mushroom cream soup
Chicken au saffron
Cheese flan with mango sauce

All our dishes are served with fruit water, coffee, bread and butter.
At the moment of hiring this service, the change of course costs $10.00 MXN each.

Standard room

Room with 2 double beds, small working or reading table. A practical and welcoming space that completes the visit to a place that emanates tranquility and comfort.

Event halls and salons

An option for your event

All the event halls and salons have WiFi connection and may be adapted to the set-up that is most convenient for your event or work team. The largest salons* include audiovisual equipment.

*Trapiche, Monasterio, Hacienda, Actos and Morelos.

House Rivera

Important part of the cultural heritage of the hacienda where welcoming cocktails, meetings or small corporate events may be realized.

Horseshoe-style set-up:30 persons
Cocktail: 200 persons



Beautiful historical site where the sugarcane was milled. Nowadays it hosts beautiful events overlooking the gardens.

Auditory-style set-up:250 persons
School-style set-up:100 persons
Horseshoe-style set-up:44 persons


One of the largest salons. A huge roofed terrace, ideal for Company events with numerous people.

Auditory-style set-up: 800 personas
School-style set-up: 450 personas
Half moon-style set-up: 450 personas

Hacienda Salon

It works very well for parties and corporate events in a closed environment. It is one of the largest salons in the hacienda.

Auditory-style set-up: 800 persons
School-style set-up: 450 persons
Half moon-style set-up: 450 persons


It is the best equipped hall, perfect for proficiencies or conferences where people has to be focused.

Capacity: 114 persons

Assembly Hall

Eligible set-up, it has a large screen to project presentations or teaching material.

Auditory-style set-up: 220 persons
School-style set-up: 125 persons
Horseshoe-style set-up: 40 persons

Morelos Salon

Recommended for corporative events, its capacity depends on the set-up.

Auditory-style set-up: 300 personas
School-style set-up: 160 personas
Horseshoe-style set-up: 45 personas

Claustro halls

They are four halls that were part of the monastery, quiet and far from the bustle.

Auditory-style set-up: 50 personas
School-style set-up: 30 personas
Horseshoe-style set-up: 20 personas

Parador halls

Three halls with natural light and it overlooks the golf course.
Perfect for working tables.

Auditory-style set-up: 40 persons
School-style set-up: 24 persons
Horseshoe-style set-up: 28 persons

Botanicals Halls

They are five small halls equipped with air conditioning, ideal for meetings or working tables.

Auditory-style set-up: 30 persons
School-style set-up: 12 persons
Horseshoe-style set-up: 12 persons

Mieles salon

It is part of the Trapiche, its charm is due to the fact that it preserves its original architecture. A good place for exclusive diners or small social events.

Auditory-style set-up: 64 personas
School-style set-up: 32 personas
Horseshoe-style set-up: 40 personas

Food Areas

The pleasure of eating

Choose the place to enjoy a good meal, according to the characteristics of your group and the type of menu you have selected. Make the meal-time a true pleasure.


Outdoor restaurant located in the area of mango trees, among the pools, and it overlooks the golf course. A relaxing space to enjoy a good meal and have a pause during a productive day of work.

Maximum capacity: 600 persons


A terrace with wooden beams on the ceiling, that give it personality and charm, it overlooks the gardens and the swimming pools. *
The Cocoyoc Menu is only served in the restaurants Arcos and Talavera.

Maximum: Up tp 100 persons

El Parador

Overlooking the fountains and gardens, this ample corridor can be very well adapted to serve meals and enjoy them in a calm environment surrounded by nature.

Maximum capacity:  120 persons


With its colonial style, it is one of the oldest restaurants in the hacienda, it overlooks the Trapiche salon and the swimming pools.
The Cocoyoc Menu is only served in the restaurants Arcos and Talavera.

Maximum capacity: 250 persons


Built in the XVIth century, it is one of the most iconic areas in the hacienda, it overlooks the pools and the gardens.

*The use of this salon has an additional cost of $5,000.00 MXN.

Maximum capacity: 250 persons


A large roofed terrace with colonial architecture, the stone arches that surround it give it an interesting and special character.

*El uso de este salón un costo adicional de $5,000.00 MXN.

Maximum capacity: 600 persons


It is the most traditionalrestaurant in the hacienda, it has a beautiful view toward the aqueduct’s waterfall. A suited space for beginning or concluding a business lecture, exchanging points of view or taking a pause from a productive day of work.

Capacity: 30 persons

Dynamics and Activities

We make of your event a great experience with the dynamics and activities that we make available for you.


Sharing a delicious barbecue may break the ice and help the teams in their integration process.


At nights, the weather and the starlit sky of Morelos are ideal for a bonfire around which experiences and anecdotes can be shared. Besides, it is an original and relaxed way to finish the activities of the day.


Forming teams to win a race or a walk, organizing a competition where the physical effort becomes part of the fun is an excellent way to integrate work teams.


Sing, laugh, dance, cheer your coworkers and bring out the fun side of the work teams fosters union and solidarity. It is the icing on the cake for closing your event.

Golf clinic

Your level as a golf player does not matter, learn the basics or improve your technique with a special lesson. 

*Maximum 10 persons per hour.


Tests of knowledge, creativity workshops, ice sculptures or Lego creations are, also, very good options to encourage camaraderie among the colleagues.

Choose the dynamics for your event

Choose the dynamics for your event
*Price per person.

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