Lets celebrate life

Hacienda Cocoyoc is the perfect setting for your celebrations. Celebrate with us the most special moments, whether they are birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, First Communions, graduations and more.
We provide excellent options for your social and family events.
*During Easter, December and long weekends no events may be realized.

Call us at 735 356 2211 ext. 1263 or 1269.

El Parador

Overlooking the fountains and the gardens, this ample corridor adapts very well to serve meals and enjoy them in a calm environment and surrounded by nature.

$4,100.00 MXN | Maximum capacity is 120 persons | 4 hours rental

*Taxes included.

Note: it has no dancefloor, the use of amplifiers or speakers is not allowed. In this space the only music allowed is marimba (without accompaniment), mariachi or duets.


Beautiful historical place where the sugarcane was milled, which was part of the process for turning the sugarcane into sugar. Nowadays it is a salon that offers the ideal setting for those special moments. It lets natural light in, and overlooks the gardens and swimming pools, which are enjoyed during the daytime events.

$17,500.00 MXN during the morning
Capacity of 120 to 200 persons | 4 hours rental

$27,400.00 MxN during the afternoon
Capacity of 120 to 200 persons | 5 hours rental

*Taxes included.


Breakfast buffet
2 hours | Maximum time of conclusion 13:00 hours | $199.00 MXN per person
Children under 3 years old do not pay for breakfast buffet.

Breakfast served at your table
Less than 40 persons | From $190.00 MXN to $276.00 per person

4 course meal
Menu with chicken: $380.00 MXN per person
Menu with beef: $475.00 per person

Corkage | Applicable only at Trapiche
$279.00 MXN per person

Open bar | Applicable only at Trapiche
$399.00 MXN per person


Events must be reserved with a deposit of $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 MXN (in case of cancellation is not refundable). The following payments are scheduled. The event must be covered before the realization of it.

Note: The use of the facilities (pools, sandboxes and green areas) are exclusive for guests.

*Taxes included.

$35.00 per person
Available colors: yellow, navy blue, white, salmon or pink.


  • Crockery, glassware and plate.
  • Staff (coordinator, maitre, waiters).
  • Musical group permission fee.
  • Stage for musical group (only in Trapiche).
  • Plan of distribution of tables.
  • Franelgraph message.
  • Parking (we do not count with valet parking service).
  • Security personnel.
  • Hostess.

Lodging for guests

If your guests book more than 15 rooms, 10% discount is granted for a 1 night stay; and 25% discount by staying 2 nights or more. Applicable for every type of room.

Standard room

Night: $2,225.00 MXN *Taxes included.

King room with sofa

Night: $2,370.00 MXN *Taxes included.


Night: $3,740.00 MXN *Taxes included.

Standard room with King Size bed

Night: $2,225.00 MXN *Taxes included.

King room with pool

Night: $2,870.00 MXN *Taxes included.

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