Spa Cocoyoc

Close your eyes, it is time to take a break from everyday life to have a unique experience for each and every one of your senses.

With our treatments, products of the highest quality and the magic touch of our therapists, we want to transport you to a place with no concerns or worries, achieving the perfect harmony between your mind, body and spirit.

Information and reservations: +52 735 688 34 13

Our facilities

We have 8 booths and over 60 services, in our menu you will find the option that best adapts to your state of mind, physical condition or ailment.

In your next visit to the Hacienda Cocoyoc, take a real break.

Information and reservations at 735 688 3413.


Our services

At the spa of the Hacienda Cocoyoc you will find massages, facials, body and cosmetic treatments especially thought out to offer you a pleasant sensory experience and wellbeing.

Natural elements, quality products and expert staff that will help to give your body, mind and spirit a rest.

Body treatments

Nourish and hydrate your body. We have body treatments to beautify and revitalize your skin, giving it back its natural freshness and youth.

Detox and relaxation
Type of treatment Time Price/MXN
Hydro massage tub 35 min $390
Body exfoliation with gel 35 min. $320
Exfoliation with smelling salts 45 min. $630
Muds 50 min. $750
Exfoliation and wrapping to choose: chocolate, wine Gran Reserva, citrus or forest herbs 50 min. $830
Type of treatment Time Price/MXN
Herbal wrap salt glo 55 min $700
Anti-cellulite 90 min. $950
Body modelling 90 min. $950


Truly pamper yourself with one of our packages, especially designed for your pleasure.

Tipo Time Price/MXN
Chocolate Therapy 4 hours $1,800
Wine Therapy 4 hours $1,800
Citrus 4 hours $1,800
Paradise 3:30 hours $1,400
Relaxing 3 hours $1,000
Aromatic 3 hours $1,450
Purifying detox 2 hours $950
Temazcal (traditional Mexican steam bath infused with medicinal herbs, for at least 3 persons) 50 min. $300 per person
Cavitation session 30 min. $400

*Taxes included

Day Spa | Special price

Steam bath, sauna, jacuzzi, hydration facial and relaxing massage.

*Time: 3 hours.  A minimum of 2 people are required. Valid from monday to friday.

$950 MXN per person.


By means of rhythmical movements the muscles are helped to relax, the blood flow is activated and the immune system strengthens, as a result, you get a total wellness of body and mind.

Type of massage Time Price/MXN
Massage by four hands 50 min. $950
Lymphatic drainage massage 45 min. $780
Chamomile balm 45/50 min. $720
Relaxation 45/50 min. $610
Swedish 45/50 min. $690
Hot stones 45/50 min. $720
Honey 45/50 min. $720
Chocolate or wine 45/50 min. $720
Orange – vanilla 45/50 min. $720
Back, neck and nape 30 min. $470
Foot reflexology 30 min. $400
Prenatal massage 45/50 min. $780



Clean, oxygenate, nourish, hydrate, clear and rejuvenate your skin with our range of facials. An expert therapist shall recommend the one that best suits you.

Type of facial Time Price/MXN
Eye contour 30 min. $450
Radio frequency facial 30 min. $350
Deep cleanse with moisturization 45 min. $800
Ultra hydrating 45 min. $800
Sensitive skin 45 min. $800
Regenerating ultra firming cellular with quartz, botox effect 45 min. $870
24 karat gold 45 min. $980
Organic chocolate facial treatment 45 min. $800

Beauty services

Highlight your beauty without needing to leave the hacienda with our beauty services. Whether your event is held at the hacienda or somewhere nearby, we can offer quality and excellent treatment. Schedule your appointment!

Hands and feet care
Services Time Price/MXN
Manicure 40 min. $250
French manicure 45 min. $270
Change of nail polish 40 min. $100
Change of French-style nail polish 40 min. $110
Gelish 45 min. $220
Gelish removal 45 min. $100
Hands treatment 30 min. $300
Feet treatment 30 min. $350
Hands treatment xocolatl-style 30 min. $350
Feet treatment xocolatl-style 30 min. $380
Pedicure 40 min. $300
French pedicure 60 min. $320
Medium capillary treatment 40 min. $350
Medium capillary treatment 40 min. $380

*Taxes included

Make up
Service Time Price/MXN
Make up 60 min. $500
Bridal makeup demo 60 min. $600
Bridal makeup 60 min. $600
Area Time Price/MXN
Underarms 30 min. $200
Bikini line 45 min. $250
Upper lip 20 min. $140
Eyebrows 20 min. $150

Contact us

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