Shine bright for your Sweet Sixteen

Convinced that it is one of the most emblematic celebrations for the family, at Hacienda Cocoyoc we do nearly the impossible to make your Sweet Sixteen party unforgettable.
We have the necessary experience and commitment so that, surrounded by your loved ones, you shine brighter than ever.
Our lodging capacity, amenities and warm service make this experience more pleasant for the invited family members and friends. The XVIth century architecture, extensive gardens and beautiful corners are a success for the photo shoots. And for the banquet, you have at your disposal a broad selection of dishes of Mexican and international cuisine.

The best thing is we have it all in one place!


It is one of the largest salons in the hacienda, it is a vast roofed terrace, a middle place between indoors and outdoors. It is surrounded by a series of arches, part of the original structure of the construction, which grants the place a special identity and turns it into the perfect scene for an unforgettable party.

$49,000.00 MXN / 120-600 persons / day or night / 7 hours rental


This place housed the process of milling the sugarcane, part of the process to turn the sugarcane into sugar. Nowadays it is a beautiful salon, ideal for those celebrations that are the most important in life. It lets the natural light in, and overlooks the gardens and swimming pools, which are enjoyed during the daytime events. During the nighttime events it is harmoniously lit.

$37,000.00 MXN / 120 to 250 persons / day or night / 7 hour rental

Sweet Sixteen Packages

The banquet must be hired at the Hacienda Cocoyoc.

It includes: 1 hors d’oeuvre, 1 soup, 1 main course (chicken or beef), 1 dessert, coffee.

-Menu with chicken: $380.00 MXN per person
-Menu with beef tenderloin: $475.00 MXN per person
-After-party with chilaquiles: $68.00 MXN per person

*Tasting of 2 menus (1 person) once the event is confirmed.

Corkage: $279.00 MXN per person
Open bar: 399.00 MXN per person

Includes: welcoming cocktail for 50% of the guests, glass barrel of fresh water and crudités.

The events are booked with a $20,000.00 MXN deposit, in case there is a cancellation it is non-refundable, and the following payments are programed. The cost of the event must be covered before its realization.
Notes: The use of the hotel facilities (swimming pools, sandpits and green areas) is exclusively for guests. During holiday seasons such as Easter or December, as well as long weekends, no events may be realized.
*The prices include taxes.


    • Tableware, glassware and cutlery.
    • Furniture belonging to the space.
    • Service staff, event coordinator, Maitre D’, bartender, hostess.
    • Podium for musical group
    • Parking space (we don’t have valet parking)
    • Suite with private pool for one night for the birthday girl and her parents, and 2 standard rooms for a night (guests).

Time slots:

Authorized time for the conclusion of the event 23:00 hours without rooms.
Authorized time for the conclusion of the event 2:00 hours with 25 rooms.

Lodging for the guests

If your guests book more than 15 rooms, 10% discount is granted for a 1 night stay; and 20% discount by staying 2 nights or more. Applicable for every type of room.

Standard room

Night: $2,225.00 MXN *Taxes included.

King room with sofa

Night: $2,370.00 MXN *Taxes included.


Night: $3,740.00 MXN *Taxes included.

Standard room with King Size bed

Night: $2,225.00 MXN *Taxes included.

King room with pool

Night: $2,870.00 MXN *Taxes included.

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