Cocoyoc Spa

Close your eyes, it is time to take a break from everyday life to have a unique experience for each and every one of your senses.

With our treatments, products of the highest quality and the magic touch of our therapists, we want to transport you to a place with no concerns or worries, achieving the perfect harmony between your mind, body and spirit.

Tel. 735 688 34 13 o 735 174 80 63



COVID-19 measures

¡We are open! At Spa Cocoyoc hygiene is one of our priorities. For your peace of mind:

  • The spa surfaces are constantly disinfected.
  • Latex gloves are used in the services that allow it.
  • Therapists always use head coverings, and constantly wash their hands and use antibacterial gel.
  • Of course, sheets and towels are changed in each service.
  • For now, the temazcal, jacuzzi, sauna and steam will remain closed.

Our facilities

Contamos con 8 cabinas y más de 60 servicios, en nuestra carta encontrarás una opción que se adapte a tu estado de ánimo, condición física o malestar.

En tu próxima visita a la Hacienda Cocoyoc tómate un verdadero break.

Tel. 735 688 34 13 o 735 174 80 63


Servicios de spa

At the spa of the Hacienda Cocoyoc you will find massages, facials, body and cosmetic treatments especially thought out to offer you a pleasant sensory experience and wellbeing.

Body treatments

Nourish and hydrate your body. We have body treatments to beautify and revitalize your skin, giving it back its natural freshness and youth.

Detox and relaxation
Tipo de tratamiento Tiempo Precio
Tina de hidromasaje 35 min $390
Exfoliación corporal con gel 30 min. $300
Exfoliación con sales aromáticas 45 min. $600
Lodos 50 min. $750
Exfoliación y envoltura a elegir: chocolate, vino Gran Reserva, cítricos o hierbas del bosque 50 min. $800

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Tipo de tratamiento Tiempo Precio
Envolvente herbal salt glow 55 min $680
Anticelulítico 90 min. $950
Modelaje de cuerpo 90 min. $950

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Truly pamper yourself with one of our packages, especially designed for your pleasure.

Tipo Tiempo Precio
Chocolaterapia-nuevo 4 h $1,800
Vinoterapia-nuevo 4 h $1,800
Cítricos-nuevo 4 h $1,800
Paraíso 3:30 h $1,350
Relajante 3 h $980
Desintoxicante depurativo 2 h $950
Temazcal (mínimo 3 personas) 50 min. $330 p/p
Sesión de cavitación-nuevo 30 min. $350

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*Taxes included.


By means of rhythmical movements the muscles are helped to relax, the blood flow is activated and the immune system strengthens, as a result, you get a total wellness of body and mind.

Tipo de masaje Tiempo Precio
Masaje a 4 manos-nuevo 50 min. $950
Drenaje linfático-nuevo 45 min. $780
Leches humeantes 45/50 min. $700
Relajación 45/50 min. $590
Sueco 45/50 min. $660
Piedras calientes 45/50 min. $700
Miel 45/50 min. $700
Chocolate o vino 45/50 min. $700
Naranja-vainilla 45/50 min. $700
Espalda, cuello y nuca 30 min. $450
Reflexología podal 30 min. $380
Masaje pre-natal-nuevo 45/50 min. $750

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Clean, oxygenate, nourish, hydrate, clear and rejuvenate your skin with our range of facials. An expert therapist shall recommend the one that best suits you.

Tipo de facial Tiempo Precio
Contorno de ojos-nuevo 30 min. $450
Radiofrecuencia facial-nuevo 30 min. $300
Limpieza profunda con humectación 45 min. $780
Ultrahidratante 45 min. $800
Piel sensible 45 min. $780
Ultra reafirmante regenerador celular con cuarzos, efecto botox 45 min. $850
De oro 24 kilates 45 min. $950
Facial orgánico al chocolatt-nuevo 45 min. $800

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Beauty services

Highlight your beauty without needing to leave the hacienda with our beauty services. Whether your event is held at the hacienda or somewhere nearby, we can offer quality and excellent treatment. Schedule your appointment!

Hands and feet care
Servicio Tiempo Precio
Manicure 40 min. $250
Manicure francés 45 min. $270
Cambio de barniz 40 min. $100
Cambio de barniz francés 40 min. $110
Aplicación de Gelish 45 min. $220
Retiro de Gelish 45 min. $100
Tratamiento de manos 30 min. $300
Tratamiento de pies 30 min. $350
Tratamiento de manos al xocolatl 30 min. $350
Tratamiento de pies al xocolatl 30 min. $380
Pedicure 40 min. $300
Pedicure francés 60 min. $320
Tratamiento capilar mediano 40 min. $330
Tratamiento capilar largo 40 min. $370

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*Taxes included.

Make up
Tipo Tiempo Precio
Maquillaje 30 min. $500
Prueba de maquillaje de novia 60 min. $600
Maquillaje de novia 60 min. $600

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Area Time Price
Armpits 30 min. $200
Bikini line 45 min. $250
Moustache 20 min. $140
Eyebrow 20 min. $150

Contact us

If you want to receive a quote or further information, please, leave your contact data or call us now +52 735 688 34 13.