Hacienda Cocoyoc

Beautiful architectural complex built in the 16th century with facilities to carry out multiple activities. To rest or have fun, at Hacienda Cocoyoc you will find an option for you.

Recreational activities

Make the most of your stay.

Swimming pools

To swim or lie under the sun we have three swimming pools. They are 1.20 m deep and two of them are heated for your comfort; in the third, that is the largest, the water is kept at ambient temperature.
The children area has a slide, swings, a sandpit and a pool with balls.


Hacienda Cocoyoc golf course

Golf court inside the Hacienda Cocoyoc hotel.
Practice your swing in our 9-hole court.
Green fee
Monday to Thursday: $570.00 MXN
Friday to Sunday: $670.00 MXN
Monday to Thursday: $840.00 MXN
Friday to Sunday: $1,080.00 MXN

Campestre Cocoyoc

Golf course located inside the Lomas de Cocoyoc housing estate.
It has two courts, a long one of 18 holes and a short one with 9 holes. And it’s located only at a 15 minute distance from the Hacienda Cocoyoc hotel.
Green fee
Weekdays: $605.00 MXN
Weekends: $660.00 MXN
*Closed on Tuesdays
*Take precautions on the weekend, the traffic may be slow.

Cocoyoc Spa

We make available you 8 booths and over 60 services and treatments that will help you to feel revitalized.
In your next visit to the Hacienda Cocoyoc, take a real break.


Step away from the routine and complement your visit with a good tennis match, we have three courts available waiting for your best serve.


Among family or friends you can spend a fun time with a volleyball game.


Don’t stop. Jog at whatever time suits you best, we own a 2 km track.


Forget the stress and encourage healthy entertainment with a soccer game. Among friends, colleagues or family, it will always be fun.

Horseback ride

Whether it is in a cart or on horseback, enjoy a pleasant ride around the hacienda. Ideal for small children and not so small – or children.

Play area

If you are not exactly outdoorsy or you want a break from the sun, challenge your friends to a game of pool or videogames.